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Peak times such as summer and any major holiday tend to book up eight to 12 weeks in advance. A dog new to our kennel should visit with their owners for a kennel tour ahead of time. This is an important part of not only the owner choosing the right kennel for their dog, but giving your dog a sense of familiarity so when they come to stay, they have at least had a chance to “check us out”! Kennel tours take approximately 45 min. to 1 hour, during which time we’ll tour the facility together (on leash), and answer any questions owners may have.


We’re also taking this opportunity to get to know your dog just a wee bit to help give us a better sense of their nature, their willingness to accept a stranger as a caregiver and whether or not we are ultimately the right facility for your individual pet.

We specialize in first-time boarders as we recognize that even if the client never needs to board their dog again, the experience should be a fun one. We can also accommodate long-term boarders and are familiar with country-of-origin quarantine procedures for dogs who will be sent overseas. And because we simply love the “oldies,” we are comfortable caring for elderly pets which includes any medication protocols and highest attention to their needs. 


Kennel tours are typically non-scheduled, and owners are welcome to visit any day of the week after 12pm and before dark with their dog. No appointment is necessary!

Alternatively, you can call our main line at 403-652-5002 or text or call 403-660-4744 to book a reservation for your dog, or you can email your dates and information to

Thanks for submitting!

what to bring

We encourage clients to talk to us about their dog’s specific nutritional requirements and will honour their choice of food should a client wish to use the food their dog is accustomed to. We usually recommend providing us with more food than necessarily required, just in case and do our best to adhere to a schedule the dog is familiar with. We will also administer any medications (or supplements) prescribed by a veterinarian as per their requirements at no additional charge. We would need your veterinarian’s and clinic’s name should we have any questions or concerns about the medications.


We also encourage clients to bring bedding or a pillow that smells of home. Just please don’t bring us your great grandmother’s quilt! Bring something that can be put in a standard washer or something you don’t really value, just in case it is damaged during the stay. Small-breed dogs should have a harness available for leash walks, and in the colder months, dog jackets or coats are encouraged, although we do keep a good stock of various sizes and shapes of both harnesses and coats (not to mention bedding!). Even though we realize this is not their “real” home, we want to do everything we can to make the dogs feel as comfortable as possible. Please don’t bring bowls or toys. We have enough of those around! And we’re very careful with the kinds of toys we make available for the dogs so no one ingests something they shouldn’t!

At check-in, we do require written confirmation from your veterinary clinic as to proof of current vaccinations, including parvo/distemper, rabies and bordetella. We recommend the Bordetella vaccine be done at least seven to 10 days prior to boarding. We will also accept titer confirmations. Any questions regarding vaccines can be addressed directly with Kim.

days + rates

We are open every day of the year except Christmas Day (and don’t worry, we’re still here working the animals!). Hours for drop-off and pickup are 10am until 6pm. 


As of January 2023, the rate for one dog nightly is $40. For two dogs sharing the same run, it’s $60/night. For three dogs sharing a family suite, it’s $85/night, and for four dogs sharing a family suite, it’s $100/night. A discount of 10% is given to dogs staying 16 nights or more. Payment is collected when owners pick up, and we take Visa, MasterCard, debit, e-transfer, cash or cheque. There is no cancellation fee, although it’s always appreciated that if plans change, you take a minute to cancel your booking.


Heaven Can Wait adoptees returning for boarding are entitled to a discount of $5/night, and it’s always so good to see them!


To make a booking, please call either our main line on 403-652-5002 or Kim’s cell at 403-660-4744.

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